Mediskills Perc Trainer – PT

- Applications

The Mediskills Perc Trainer mirrors the real thing in every respect, except for the risk! You can simulate all endoscopic procedures and techniques of access including:


  • Identification of stones
  • Localisation of the kidney
  • Guided needle biopsy
  • Guided puncture of the collecting system


  • Retrograde pyelography using directly injected contrast

• Percutaneous

  • Access to the collecting system including:
    • Tract dilatation using coaxial dilators or balloon
    • Nephrostomy insertion
  • Nephroscopy
  • Stone extraction
  • Stone disintegration

• Ureteric

The Perc trainer can also be used to teach the first steps of flexible ureteroscopy, including:

  • Antegrade guided wire placement
  • Stent placement
  • Stone retrieval
  • Stone fragmentation

The model can be used in a dry skills lab setting or incorporated into an operating theatre; it can be used with any endoscopic instruments, stone retrieval and fragmentation devices which makes it suitable for use in developing team working in the operating room environment.

Familiarisation with the instruments and procedure of percutaneous nephrolithotomy by all members of the team can result in significant time saving as well as other cost saving by the potential to reduce damage to instruments by personnel who are unfamiliar with them as well as the potential to reduce waste by reducing the likelihood of opening inappropriate consumables due to lack of familiarity with the surgeons needs.

The Perc trainer is designed for maximum realism and thus has a limited life span. This can be maximised through a step wise approach to training, commencing with needle puncture, followed by guidewire placement, track dilatation and finally nephroscopy and stone retrieval.