Mediskills Advanced Scope Trainer – AST – with re-chargeable stones

- Applications

The Advanced Scope Trainer utilises a clear acrylic casing more suited to the actual demonstration of the properties of a flexible ureteroscope to potential customers.

The Advanced Scope Trainer provides the operative with the ability to re-charge each kidney with stones via the two external ports when the existing stones are removed or destroyed.

It has been designed to meet the needs of basic and advanced training in rigid and flexible ureteroscopy. It incorporates features such as distensible bladder, a realistic ureteric orifice and a ureter, which follows the same anatomical course as the adult male, thus providing a realistic alternative to training in patients, at the same time allowing the trainee ureteroscopist to develop a feel for the difficulties that may be encountered during procedures in patients.

Once the collecting system is accessed, the arrangement of the calices is such that the trainee will be able to practise all of the manoeuvres required to complete full renoscopy, the presence of caliceal stones and a small caliceal tumour enables the therapeutic skills of stone fragmentation, retrieval and tumour biopsy to be acquired.

The model is also suitable for practising flexible cystoscopy, stent insertion and removal techniques.

The ureteroscopic skills trainer is designed for multiple uses. The distendable bladder with an anatomically correct ureterovesical junction will enable ease of access with the ureteroscope to be assessed. The reproduction of the lumbar lordosis enables the performance of rigid ureteroscopes to be evaluated along with devices for stone retrieval and disintegration.

The carefully designed collecting system containing both stones and a papillary tumour together with fluoroscopic properties of the model enables the performance and manoeuvrability of flexible ureteroscopes to be assessed and demonstrated. In addition, the placement of a nephroscope through a percutaneous track can be a very powerful tool for demonstrating the properties of a flexible ureteroscope to potential customers.