Advanced Scope Trainer

The Mediskills Advanced Trainer is internally identical to the Scope Trainer but utilises a clear acrylic casing more suited to the demonstration of the properties of a flexible ureteroscope.

Mediskills Advanced Scope Trainer


The Mediskills Advanced Trainer allows the demonstration of the properties of a flexible ureteroscope. It can be deployed as a marketing tool or an endourological training device.

Mediskills Advanced Scope Trainer Applications

Scope Trainer

The Mediskills Scope Trainer is an endourological skills-training model with fluoroscopic properties. It's collecting system contains mulitple stones and a papillary tumour.

Mediskills Scope Trainer


The Mediskills Scope Trainer is designed for basic and intermediate endoscopic skills training. It can be used to teach all aspects of rigid and flexible ureteroscopy.

Mediskills Scope Trainer Applications

Perc Trainer

The Mediskills Perc Trainer is a kidney model for percutaneous access training with the ability to reproduce ultrasound and fluoroscopic features of the human kidney.

Mediskills Percutaneous Trainer


The Mediskills Perc Trainer mirrors the real thing in every respect, except for the risk! You can simulate all endoscopic procedures and techniques of access.

Mediskills Percutaneous Trainer Applications


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About Us

Mediskills was founded in 1998 by three UK clinicians - a radiologist and two urologists - to develop models for skills training in urology, interventional uroradiology and other minimally invasive procedures.

Challenges facing device and instrument manufacturers today include the evaluation of new instruments and accessories, training of sales personnel, demonstrating new products and physician education.

Mediskills can assist in the conquering of these challenges by the provision of lifelike models for evaluation and training in almost
all aspects of Endourology.

Medical Models

The long held philosophy, see one, do one, teach one, is no longer applicable in the modern teaching of practical skills. Learning on the job is unacceptable to patients and surgeons alike; in today's cost conscious health services there is pressure to use operating lists as efficiently as possible and therefore time available for skills teaching is at a premium. 2010 Mediskills Product Range


Mediskills provide the opportunity to simulate endoscopic procedures as well as providing an opportunity for bench testing new products at the prototype stage by offering a range of models for percutaneous access, percutaneous nephrolithotomy and ureteroscopy. Unlike animal tissue models, there are no health and safety issues, which restrict the use of medical models. They can be used in the laboratory, hospital or commercial exhibition with complete safety.

Mediskills is dedicated to the improvement of training and the acquisition of endo-skills by trainees in all aspects of endourology and interventional uroradiology.


The Mediskills team has a long experience of running practical skills courses which has enabled them to develop the models. These models possess a high degree of realism resulting from extensive discussions with fellow clinicians. The models are developed from hand crafted moulds and produced from silicone based plastics. Each model is individually manufactured and undergoes rigorous quality control testing before dispatch to the customer. It is supplied ready for use with a complete set of instructions.


The Mediskills Models range currently available will enable company personnel to become proficient in a extensive array of clinical procedures. Experience of these procedures will assist your sales and marketing teams as well as engineers by enabling them to appreciate and acquire the same endoskills used by clinicians in order to perform endourological procedures. Mediskills Models are powerful marketing tools which may be used by your Sales and Marketing Teams to demonstrate your products to best effect; they can also be used as part of an educational course for the introduction of new procedures and devices for endourological management of urinary tract disease.